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Simone Ramello

Ciao! My name is Simone (he/him), and I am a mathematician and occasional storyteller. I am currently based in Münster, Germany. ciao@simoneramello.it - name.surname@uni-muenster.de


By day, I am a third-year PhD student at the Institute for Logic of the University of Münster, under the supervision of Franziska Jahnke and Martin Hils. My research sits between logic and algebra, using techniques from model theory to tackle questions about valued fields.


  1. Definability of henselian valuations in positive residue characteristic (2024, submitted)
    joint work with Margarete Ketelsen and Piotr Szewczyk - arXiv:2401.06884

Research talks

  1. Valued difference fields: beyond surjectivity (upcoming, 11.04.2024)
    Logic Seminar, Pisa
  2. Valued difference fields: beyond surjectivity (14.02.2024)
    Regional Days in Model Theory and Applications, Düsseldorf
  3. A model-theoretic stroll through the fields (14.12.2023)
    Séminaire Compréhensible, Grenoble

Science Communication

I am also active in science communication and outreach. I believe that mathematics is a fundamental tool for democracy, that needs to be communicated and made accessible to everyone.
I am a member of Meet Science.


  1. Stories make us human (09.12.2023)
    Mitteilungen der Deutschen Mathematiker-Vereinigung
  2. Being gay in academia: unravelling suffocating contradictions (11.11.2023)
    The PhD Place
  3. Changing the narratives in mathematics (06.05.2023)
  4. How hard is it to tell dynamical systems apart? (25.04.2023)

Some more writing

  1. Expository notes on various mathematical topics, mostly based on talks that I have given.
  2. Occasionally I write things on a blog.


I am a member of the Cluster of Excellence "Mathematics Münster", where I am also active in the science communication team. I am also a member and spokeperson for the Mathematics Münster Graduate School.

Teaching at Universität Münster


  1. MMGS PhD Seminar, 2024
  2. Welcome Home 2023, 21-22.12.2023
  3. Informal PhD Seminar: one-shot edition, 21.09.2023
  4. Presentazioni informali (Scuola Estiva di Logica), 2023
  5. GeSAMT, 2022-2023
  6. Informal PhD Seminar, 2022-2023
  7. European Conference in Interdisciplinary Model Theory (ECIMT), 7-11.03.2022
  8. Short Model Theory Huddle 2 (SMTH2), 16-18.06.2021
  9. Short Model Theory Huddle (SMTH), 23.05.2020