Simonehe/him Ramello

👋 Ciao! My name is Simone and I am a Italian mathematician and occasional storyteller based in Münster, Germany. By day, I am a second-year PhD student at the Institute for Logic of the University of Münster, under the supervision of Franziska Jahnke and Martin Hils. My research is in mathematical logic applied to algebra and number theory; more specifically, I care about the model theory of valued fields and their isometries.

Because we are not mathematical machines. We live, we breathe, we feel, we bleed.
(Francis Su, Mathematics for Human Flourishing)


  • Margarete Ketelsen will present our joint work at the next PhDs in Logic conference, in Granada.

  • (🇮🇹) La stagione di Meet Science riparte. Sarò live la sera del 27 settembre a parlare di dimostrazioni e conflitti in matematica. ✉️ 🏠 Room 110.021, Orléans-Ring 10, Münster

I was born somewhere in the Italian countryside, surrounded by wineyards. I grew up in the local youth groups, and left them with the instinct to turn everything into a treasure hunt (possibly involving quite a lot of running too close to a cliff for comfort). I graduated high school with a tesina on mathfobia, so really everyone could see this coming. I studied mathematics in Torino, swapping the sight of wineyards for the Alps.
Along the way, I made peace with hiking, became student representative again, and worked in a sort-of-science-center, where I had to stop more than one kid from licking the gravity well. Eventually, I got a MSc and left Torino for the greener - and, much to my discomfort, flatter - North of Germany, where I started my PhD in model theory.
Previously, I was a founding member of Come Volevasi Divulgare, an Italian collective of mathematicians devoted to outreach. I am currently an active member of Meet Science, a group of Italian researchers and active science communicators. More can be found in the Talking section.


PhD in Mathematics | 2021 - ongoing
University of Münster, Germany

MSc in Mathematics | 2019 - 2021
University of Torino, Italy
Thesis: Étale methods in model theory

BSc in Mathematics | 2016 - 2019
University of Torino, Italy
Thesis: Through the Lambda-glass

research interests

My research is in model theory applied to algebraic structures (valued fields). In other words, I take structures that are built (or found) in nature by other mathematicians and try and understand them via the lenses of mathematical logic.

  • Valued difference fields: AK/E-principles, maximal extensions and their uniqueness

  • Definable henselian valuations: necessary and sufficient conditions for existence

the library is open

I maintain a Padlet (think of a clipboard) with resources, articles and videos that I find interesting or insightful, mostly around mathematics, science communication, and science education.

If you have suggestions, please reach out and I will gladly add them!


on science communication

notes from seminars

seminars + conferences

mm connect

I have given several MM Impulse talks in the MM Connect platform.

🇮🇹 meet science

Dalla primavera 2023 sono membro di Meet Science. Si tratta di un “gruppo di scienziati e persone interessate alla divulgazione” che vuole “far avvicinare le persone alla scienza e al mondo della ricerca, soprattutto intervistando direttamente i ricercatori, primi protagonisti di questa realtà.” Ho realizzato tre interviste per Meet Science e due interventi come intervistato.

🇮🇹 come volevasi divulgare

Fra il 2021 e il 2022 ho fondato, assieme ad altri studenti di matematica, un gruppo di divulgazione della matematica. Abbiamo mantenuto una pagina Instagram piuttosto attiva, partecipato ad un paio di festival, e moderato una giornata di orientamento del dipartimento di matematica dell'Università degli Studi di Torino. Più informazioni (inclusi link e video) sono disponibili sul sito del gruppo, ora inattivo.

Many years of youth group instilled in me the neverending desire to organize things, be it seminars, workshops, informal talks, or simply lunches. I like hosting, coordinating and coming up with ideas to keep people entertained. This, every now and then, gets the hold of me and I end up organizing a conference and a workshop one month into my PhD.
All of the following events were co-organized with people who were patient enough to bear with me, and I will forever be grateful to them.
Legenda: 🎈 means an event in-person; 👾 means an event online.

past events

🎈 Informal PhD Seminar: one-shot edition, 21/09/2023
🎈 Presentazioni informali (Scuola Estiva di Logica), 2023
🎈 GeSAMT (Gemeinsames Seminar Algebra und Modelltheorie), 2022-2023
🎈 Informal PhD Seminar, 2022-2023
🎈 European Conference in Interdisciplinary Model Theory (ECIMT), 7-11/03/2022
👾 Short Model Theory Huddle (SMTH), 23/05/2020 and SMTH2, 16-18/06/2021